OPEN HOUSE Sunday June 27, 2021

Sunday June 27 from 10 am to 6 pm: Stop by and have a look at our latest projects. There are only a few left. My friend and favorite carpenter, Eric Wallner, installed this 27 foot long window seat in what I’m now calling the Library. What was a walk-through space is now transformed into a place to read and lounge. If you sit down. You MUST sit down because the ceiling height in this not-covered-by-Code “attic” space is a mere 5 feet. That’s my office in the cubbie beyond.

Eric used mostly scrap from the garage, although a few over-priced sheets of plywood and 2×4’s had to be purchased for the structure. Under the seat are the mechanical runs, still accessible if necessary. Here’s what it looked like before, viewed from the opposite direction with the storage cubbie beyond.

I look forward to seeing you and showing you all the features that make this home both a joy to live in and uber energy-efficient!

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