OPEN HOUSE Sunday September 26, 2021

Sunday September 26 from 10 am to 6 pm: Our work is done. Except for a few little touch-ups and someday a patio or deck. I would love to have you over for a look around. The house has continued to perform well from howling winds and minus 17 degrees this past winter to the muggy 95 degree weather we suffered through this summer. This first Poem Home is not merely net-zero—-after one year living here, I’m proud to report that the rooftop PV solar panels produced 53 percent more electricity than the house consumed!

The house got a full-on stress test recently when my daughter, her husband, and kids age 3 and 5 took over the place for the summer. The living area was big enough, there was plenty of counter space in the kitchen, and while an extra room for an office would’ve been nice, remote working got done. There were plenty of places to play both inside and out, what with art projects on the porch, hobo encampments in the garden, and on rainy days puzzels and books up in the loft AKA the “Kids Clubhouse”.

“The best places always make you feel like all is well with the world”


Home and a sense of place has always been important to me. That’s probably what drew me in and kept me engaged in the design business all these years. And as a young teen, I began reading about solar powered homes and what was called “appropriate technology” in the early 1970’s. Building this house and showing it to my neighbors and friends and people from far and wide who have travelled here to see it and learn from it has been my great pleasure.

My house is sweet, but not as sweet as this little nest. Talk about local materials. It’s lined with this shaggy dog’s fur!

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