Zero Energy Project

January 14, 2022: I’m thrilled to be included in Zero Energy Project’s newsletter with my article “My Net Zero Home Got Me Through a Wisconsin Winter-Here’s What I Learned”.

Zero Energy Project has tons of good information about how to improve our built environment, and a “zero energy home professionals near you” search option. Did you know there are only 9 zero energy projects listed within 100 miles of Madison? People, we need to get going!

I’m going to be taking a deep dive into their articles on zero carbon building. Instead of just looking at operational costs like we do with “net zero”, “zero carbon” looks at the embodied energy of the materials used to make the building. Stay tuned: if I can figure out the math, I’ll let you know how I came out on that score.

3 Comments on “Zero Energy Project

  1. Hello Amber, Thank you for sharing your build experience. I built my first energy house from 1983-1986 , 80% by my self. Most people do not know how long things take to do right. I will read all of your “follow construction” . At 72 i do not know if i will build another house. If i do i will use some of your ideas in my build. I would use the best windows i can aford. Thank you. Mike Kaplan


    • Thank you MIchael. When you built your house in the mid-80’s, what made it more energy efficient? How long did your windows end up lasting? The Marvin fiberglass windows I used are mid-range in price. I hope I’ll get 20-30 years out of them. Amber


      • Hello Amber, I built the house to last 100 years or so. I used what i though was the best for the buck,Pella windows, all casements. Passive solar direction with 10×18 attached to house green house faceing south. I used 3″ x4x8 foam boards inside the walls. Wood battens over the foam and then 1×6 T&G cider nailed into battens. I used 1×6 T&G red wood for ceiling. I dismantled a 1848 very big house to build my first house. I use about 3 cords of wood to heat 30×40 first floor and 15 x 40 second floor. I have attached garage 26×40 with a 8×16 mud room with a disapearing floor door that goes into basement. Basement without heat does not go under 55-60°. After 35 years i installed metal roof. Windows will need replacement in future. I like the windows that come from germany. Or hurd. The sun heats the house alot of the winter when sun is out. My solar hot water pannels lasted 35 years. Why did you build so close to another house? If i build again? I will use close cell foam. Best to you, Mike


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