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May 19, 2022: It’s been my career-long goal to get a major piece published in Fine Homebuilding and with the completion of my first Poem Home, I made the pitch—and it was accepted! The process of working with the editor, the illustrators, and the photographer to put this professionally composed and colorful piece together was gratifying.

You may find it interesting that my pitch rose to the top of the pile because it’s in the Midwest (most of their featured projects are in New England), it’s small at 1208 square feet, and it was built by a woman! I hope you’ll check it out.

NOTE: Some people are having glitchy problems with the link above. Here’s the PDF version:

7 Comments on “Fine Homebuilding

  1. Congrats Amber! I was able to see your pretty pic in the mag(on line) but couldn’t get to the article. They only let me go to page 28. Lowry


  2. Hi Amber,

    A belated congratulations, as I’ve already shared your article several times. I’ve been a subscriber to FH since issue 1, and was pleasantly surprised to see your article.

    Wright and Like is progressing. I’ve attached a call for docents. If you’ve never seen it, Eric Vogelman’s own home that he and his brother built in the 1980’s, is a textbook of details from Taliesin. The John Steinmann “Orth” house (1951) is interesting too. Marcus Weston made the drawings. And we have Lamp (1903), bootlegged from an idea from Spencer (also part of the Steinway Bldg associates of Wright), and likely the prototype for Wright’s “fire-proof” house.




  3. Hello Amber, I am happy you are being recognize by Fine Homebuilding. Your documented designs are very worthy for others to view and utilize in their homes. I recommended that you write a book on what to do and what to avoid. I am very happy for you Amber. Congrads. You cannot get better than Fine Homebuilding. Maybe a book? Mike


  4. Awesome article Amber. I’m so happy for you and your beautiful home.


  5. Congratulations, Amber! I can easily understand why Fine Homebuilding chose to publish your article. You richly deserve the good press.


  6. I’ll try again. I got to see your picture & read that part, but the pages would not turn after about page 18 so I cold not get to your article. Congratulations on your home and getting into this magazine. I hope you get some wonderful jobs as a result!

    We are off next Wed. to MI to see our daughter, grandson & his wife, and their 2 children so we are excited about that. Such a busy time for us, and it has been for the last month, but we are hoping it will slow down about mid June! Congratulations again!!! I’ll also see if Frank can pull this up better than I could. Love, Sandee


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