Ecos Paints

August 8, 2022: When it comes to wall paint, I have just a few simple criteria: it must be easy to apply, durable, and non-toxic. Mainstream paint companies have the first two down pat, but non-toxic? Not so much. That’s why I chose Ecos Paints, a small company in South Carolina who actually list their ingredients right on the label. Check out what they said about my project in their latest blog post. A Demonstration Home in Wisconsin

White Wall Paint from Ecos Paints

One Comment on “Ecos Paints

  1. Hi Amber!

    What a great article. Short, to the point, and quite correct in all the particulars. And the photos look really good too —glad to see that “flower on the nightstand” shot get used!

    I think we need to catch up soon, over coffee or lunch. I’d like to learn how the Energy Fair went and how your summer’s been going.

    Michelle and went for over two weeks to Colorado, then I made the annual pilgrimage to the Oshkosh Airshow. I’ve been playing grease monkey on my cycle lately, giving it a refresh of sorts.

    Hope to see you soon!




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