Poem Home 2020

Situated within the grand Wisconsin River Valley in fabled Spring Green is a home like no other. Completed in 2020, the first-built Poem Home is a modest home with a modern sensibility. At only 1208 square feet, the home is spacious, with a linear kitchen tucked under a loft and two bedroom suites flanking a generous living area. The home offers a feeling of shelter and a life integrated with nature.

The home is super-insulated and net-zero. Indoor air is healthful, with building materials and finishes selected for their non-toxic content. Rustic wood, stone walls, and raw concrete contrast with more polished surfaces and furnishings to create an authentic and appealing atmosphere that blends inside space to outside space.

You are welcome to book a private tour or attend a monthly Open House. Look around, ask questions, and learn how a few simple design strategies can improve your own home or the dream home you may build someday. Please email designer/builder Amber Westerman at amber@amberwesterman.com

2 Comments on “Poem Home 2020

  1. Amder,
    Beautiful! Thank you for caring about the planet we leave our children.

    Do you have any experience building with hempcrete or hemp creek blocks?


    • I’m glad you like what you see Lisa. No, I don’t have any experience with hempcrete…do you? My goal for Poem Homes is to use primarily off-the-shelf products and processes in order to make the homes more affordable, preserve re-sale value, and not alienate the local trades. In other words, make the homes replicable in our current market. I very much like the idea of using more eco-friendly products and admire the people who do so, but I’m not inclined to be an “early adopter” myself.


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